Business Information

Welcome to Scotland Neck! We are glad you have chosen our town as the site of your business. To do business in Scotland Neck, NO privilege license is needed. However, there is a $10.00 fee to comply with our local Business License Ordinance. You must complete a Business Acknowledgment Form and meet with the proper offices to ensure that you are in compliance with local ordinances and state laws.

Offices to Contact When Starting a New Business

Please complete and submit our Business Acknowledgment Form so we can better connect with you and your business. You can bring this form when you meet with our Code Enforcement Officer.

Business Acknowledgement Form

When starting a new business, the applicant MUST contact the following offices for the applicable reason stated.



Code Enforcement/Zoning Department/Town Administrator
1310 Main Street
Scotland Neck, NC 27874
(252) 826-3152

For any permits and to make determination of conformity according to zoning and ordinance regulations. All businesses must meet these standards for each type of business being conducted.

Environmental Health
15 W Pittsylvania Street
Halifax, NC 27839
(252) 583-6651

If applicable:

To obtain a sanitation permit for the sale of food items.

Alcohol Law Enforcement
ABC Board
411 Hwy 301 South
Halifax, NC 27839
(919) 779-0700

Alcohol and Beverage Commission (ALE) (ABC) permit required for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Our Code Enforcement Officer and Police Department (Chief or Captain) must view actual permits prior to selling Beer/Wine.

Internal Revenue Service
(800)829-1040 or (800)829-3676

 To obtain Federal ID number.

Scotland Neck Police Department
101 East 11th Street
Scotland Neck, NC 27874
(252) 826-4112

To speak with Administration about your alarms and to provide contact information for emergency situations.

Scotland Neck Business Association
P.O Box 193

Scotland Neck, NC 27874

A non-profit organization composed of business owners, leaders and volunteers within the town. The SNBA is an active voice for business owners and they are eager to hear about your business. You can find them at www.snba.org or by searching "Scotland Neck Business Association" on Facebook.

This list was developed by the Town of Scotland Neck. It is provided merely as a guide and does not represent an exhaustive list. It is the responsibility of the business owner to carefully investigate the regulations that affect your type of business.

Beer and Wine License

If you are in the business of selling beer and wine, you must first obtain a permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC). The Code Enforcement Officer or Police Department must view actual permits prior to opening a business that sells local Beer/Wine.

Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE)

Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC)

Cessation of Operation

North Carolina General Statute §105-366(d)(1)(a) requires notification to the Tax Collector 48 hours prior to going out of business or the transfer of or pending sale to another party. Businesses are requested to complete the Cessation of Operations form and submit to the Scotland Neck Code Enforcement Department at 1310 Main Street, Scotland Neck, NC 27874.

Cessation of Operation Form

Questions and Answers about starting a Business in Scotland Neck

Q. I want to open a new business in the Town of Scotland Neck, what do I need to do?

A. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer, Parks Boyd, to determine zoning compliance for the type of business that you will be conducting and the address or location of where you want to conduct business. Once you know that you are in compliance you will complete the business registration application and submit the annual registration fee.

Q. I want to open a food service business in the Town of Scotland Neck, what do I need to do?

A. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer, Parks Boyd, to determine zoning compliance for the type of business that you will be conducting and the address or location of where you want to conduct business. Then contact Halifax County Environmental Health Department at (252) 583-6651 to discuss Grease Trap and Food Service Policy. No business registration will be issued until all departments' sign off that compliance is being met.

Q. I want to serve or sell alcohol, what is required?

A. If your new business will serve or sell alcohol, you must obtain a license from the State of North Carolina ABC Commission, visit http://abc.nc.gov/Documents/Index/1 for NC ABC Applications, Forms, and information. Contact phone number for the ABC Commission is (919) 779-0700.

Q. I have met zoning compliance to sell alcohol; I have started the application process, what other requirements are there from the Town of Scotland Neck in the application process?

A. The Town of Scotland Neck will need you to bring the entire completed ABC application package to the business office located at 1310 Main St. Scotland Neck, NC 27874 in order to review and approve the Local Government Opinion form and the Inspection/Zoning compliance form. Presenting the package for local approval is one of the last steps of the local process and the entire package must be complete. Decisions are made as timely as possible. Please keep in mind that it takes time for the background check from the police department to be completed.

Q. How do I apply for a local business license registration?

A. You may apply in person at the Town of Scotland Neck Municipality Building at 1310 Main Street, Scotland Neck, 27874, or click on (add a link to application for permits), or by mail to:

 Town of Scotland Neck

 Attention: Business Registration

 P.O. Box 537

 Scotland Neck, NC 27874

Q. What is the cost of a local business registration?

A. There is an annual $10.00 registration fee. Once a business is registered, you will be automatically billed annually, starting July 1 of the following year. Registration fee must be paid by September 1 each year. You must contact the Town of Scotland Neck if you close your business or move locations.

Q. What if I decide to move the location of my business?

A. You must first contact the Code Enforcement Officer to discuss the new location of your business to determine zoning compliance and to discuss ordinances. Once it is determined that the location is in compliance, you must then complete a new business registration and pay the $10.00 registration fee.

Q. Who do I call if I have questions regarding the local business registration?

A. You may call the Town of Scotland Neck and ask for Parks Boyd or the Town Clerk.

Q. What if I am a sole proprietor or operate under an assumed name?

 A. Any sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, corporation, or LLC engaged in business in any county in the state under an assumed name other than the real name of the owner (or owners) must file an assumed name certificate or 'doing business as' (DBA) in the Register of Deeds Office in the county or counties in which it is doing business.

For assistance in determining other requirements, please contact us at (252) 826-3152.